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Domain Name Transfer

How can I move my domain name from one Internet Service Provider (ISP) to another?

In order to transfer a domain name from one ISP to another the following needs to be done:

You will need to fill in a domain name transfer form.

The domain transfer form gives us permission to transfer the domain name for you.

Your account with your current ISP must be fully paid before the domain name can be transfered.

With a .com transfer we will need the domains authentication or unlock key from your existing ISP.

Domain Transfer

How long does domain transfer take? if everything goes smoothley the transfer can be done within 2 working days. takes a while to transfer as the domain name is held overseas and not localy.

Domain Name Renewal of domain names

We will invoice 30 days prior to the domain expiring

To ensure the domain does not expire, you should renew it as soon as you receive the invoice for domain renewal.

Timeframes for domain renewals

Grace period: 5 days. The EPP registry allows 5 days grace after the expiry date before suspending the domain.

Should you allow the domain to expire, you will be able to renew it for up to 30 days after the renewal date. During this time, the domain will not be accessible so any web site or email services associated with it will stop working.

Redemption Period: 10 days. Once the grace period lapses, the domain goes into the redemption period.

Once this happens, the cost to renew the domain increases to apoximitly R400.

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